Imagining our Future: Challenges in Teaching Language and Literature in Canada
IN PERSON – Friday, October 21, 2022 — Hosted by Western University
The Ontario Chapter of the AATSP (AATSP-ON) is pleased to invite you to participate in its
annual conference. This year we are happy to announce that the event will be in person on
Friday, October 21, 2022 and hosted by the Department of Languages and Cultures at Western
University. The program will be structured primarily, but not exclusively, around discussions
based on future issues in teaching language and literature in Canada, acknowledging the rapid
series of changes brought about by ongoing global events. This orientation is inspired by public
conversations which have increasingly focused on how to foster inclusive classroom
environments which are in tune with issues happening outside of the learning environment from
student mental health to the climate crisis. These trends lead us to reconsider how we organize
our classrooms and rethink how we approach language teaching and acquisition.
In keeping with the AATSP 104th annual conference theme, the topics of our chapter’s
conference include (but are not limited to) inclusive curriculums, digital humanities,
social-emotional learning, languages and communities, heritage language instruction and
learning, as well as promoting the study of Spanish and Portuguese. Other thematic sessions on
literary and cultural studies as well as linguistics and didactics of ELE and PLE will also
feature in the program.
Professors, researchers, teachers, graduate students and the general public are welcome to
present papers in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish. Presentations (15-20 minutes; 7/8
pages, Times 12, double-spaced) will focus on the topics outlined below in the context of the
future of language teaching and acquisition in Canada.

  1. Honoring Identity and Diversity
    ● Heritage Language Teaching and Learning
    ● Teaching and Learning in Multilingual/Multicultural Settings
    ● Inclusive Teaching Practices
    ● Social-Emotional Learning
  2. Supporting Lifelong Language Learning
    ● Language Acquisition and Development
    ● Innovative Teaching Practices
    ● Community Engaged Practices
  3. Fostering Cultural and Literary Connections
    ● Literature, Culture and Film in the Classroom
    ● Literary and Cultural Studies
    ● Digital Humanities
    ● Social Media and Communication
  4. Building our Future
    ● Languages for Careers/Professions
    ● Professional Development
    ● Languages and the Power of Advocacy
    ● Environmental Issues
    ● Evaluation and Certification (Evaluación y certificación)
    ● Curriculum Planning and Design (Diseño y planificación curricular
    REGISTRATION and Conference Fees
    Submit a proposal (presentation or workshop) to in WORD format (max. 250 words) by Friday, September 23rd, 2022. Include the presenter(s)’s name(s), professional affiliations, and the title of the presentation.

    ● $80.00: professors, researchers and professionals
    ● $50.00: students and part-time professors
    ● $20.00: Participants and additional speakers (joint presentations)
    Cash, at the registration desk, the day of the Conference
    ● $100.00: professors, researchers and professionals
    ● $70.00: students and part-time professors
    In order to be included in the final program, presenters must make an electronic bank transfer or send a check on behalf of AATSP-ON no later than October 7th, 2022. Preferably an e-transfer payable to the AATSP-ON sent to the email address of the Treasurer, Alba Devo Colis:
    The 2022 conference will include the election of a vice-president, a treasurer, and a secretary for the AATSP-ON Chapter. All members interested in nominating colleagues or themselves may do so until the conference dates. Positions will cover the period from January to December 2023 and re-election (2023-2024)
    See you in London!
    Organizing Committee
    Dr. Ana García-Allén, President, University of Western Ontario,
    Dr. Juan Carlos Rocha Osornio, Vice-President, University of Toronto,
    Dr. Any Guimont, Secretary, McGill University, anny,
    Dr. Alba Devo Colis, Treasurer, University of Western Ontario,

Recordings of our 2021 annual conference can be found here.


American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese – Ontario Chapter

The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) was born during the second decade of the 20th century when the Spanish language became one of the foreign languages to be included in school curricula. AATSP was founded in New York City on December 1917, and was originally called the American Association of Teachers of Spanish. Then, in 1944, the name changed to include the Portuguese language. Since its beginings, AATSP‘s aim was to create a truly national association for Spanish teachers. It was the first of such associations in the United States dedicated to the specific study of a modern foreign language, ahead of the organizations dedicated to the Italian, French and German languages.

AATSP membership has always been open to all teachers and professors of Spanish and Portuguese, as well as to all those interested in the study and promotion of these languages. More than 90% of the membership is dedicated to the study of Spanish, with a growing number of members dedicated to Portuguese. There are more than 70 AATSP chapters in the United States. The Ontario Chapter is the only one in Canada.

The AATSP-ON organizing committee invites all Ontario-based and Canadian teachers/professors of Spanish and Portuguese to become members of the association and to participate in our annual conference.

For more information and to get involved, visit or write to